Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Order Process
At first you send a photo or a draft with information for quotation.
We review the whole information package, quote the project and create a personal account for further cooperation.
After mutual agreement and confirmation you send a 20% prepayment*. We start the project right after and keep you in touch during the whole working process.
When the model is ready we place the screenshots of the final product in your account, and if everything’s right you proceed with the final payment.
After the payment we upload the complete project files in your account’s order division right after.
The final package includes /.stl/.3dm files and spec sheet. We also send simple rendering images from different angles.

*Every purchase that has been done on our website will be a prepayment both for the project and for the purchased file from our shop. You can get the money back in max. 2 business days, if there have been any problems with the purchased file.

What kind of information is required for ordering?
1. Full Name
2. Company
3. Email
4. Service (Sketching/3D Cad Modeling/Digital Sculpting/360 Degree Rendering/Photo/Video Rendering)
5. Detailed Description
6. File Format (ZIP, RAR, 3DM, STL, OBJ, JPG, PDF etc. )

Changes and Modifications
Most minor changes and modifications will be done free of charge. But any major change or request after the model has been finished will be charged accordingly (the price will be discussed and explained to the client, and the process will start only after confirmation.)

How do we decide the price for your order
CAD Design
At first the pricing depends on the hardness of the order.
For example, regarding CAD design – How many stones are being used on the piece, what stone setting types we use, does the order have multiple parts or not, do we use digital sculpting or not and etc.
Regarding the rendering, the most important things are – the amount of stones, the variations of colors for stones and metals, will the order have textured/colorized background or simple white background etc.

The ways of deciding the price regarding the working system.
You can choose the most comfortable option for your order.

Payment for each order separately.
When we get the package of your order (full information, description etc.) we set the price.
If there are any changes regarding the order after or before finishing the project, you will have to pay additional payment for the changes.

Hourly Rate
Working with TimeTracker – Doesn’t matter how hard/massive the order is, we DO NOT set the price beforehand. We count the time we have worked on your order and then decide the price for the order.
We only set the price for hourly rate depending on the difficulty of the project.

The Process of Shopping

If you’ve already chosen what to buy you’ll have to take the following steps to submit the order.
Log in to your account (If you still don’t have an account you can create one) for future purchases.
Choose payment method (Credit Card/PayPal)
Enter your card number etc.
Submit the purchase
After submitting the purchase you’ll receive the file with an email at the latest in 12 hours.

You can get the money back in max. 2 business days, if there have been any problems with the purchased file.

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