CAD design

Jewelry CAD design

Once you’ve approved the final design for your piece, our jewelry CAD (computer-aided design) designers will collaborate with you throughout the jewelry 3D modeling and jewelry 3D digital sculpting processes. We use only world-renowned 3D modeling software programs such as Rhinoceros, Matrix, and Magics to create your bespoke jewelry model. These software programs allow us to offer you high-quality products for a low price, making your jewelry model creation extremely cost-effective! The best part is, if at any time you wish to tweak your design, you can! Our CAD designers are all about helping you create a magnificent masterpiece, and we want your finished product to exceed your expectations.

Jewelry 3d modeling

The 3D modeling process benefits those who can’t find their desired jewelry piece anywhere. Jewelry 3D modeling revolutionizes both the jewelry manufacturing process and jewelry image creation, and allows us to easily and accurately measure the jewelry piece. Our 3D modeling software programs are brilliant – the jewelry models can be shown in detail and in various surfaces, while the entire jewelry modeling process materializes in reduced time but maintains its high quality.

Jewelry 3d digital sculpting

Without 3D sculpting, fine art in the digital world would be totally lackluster. It’s a refined approach to 3D jewelry model making and is one of the methods of 3D modeling. We use state-of-the-art, advanced software programs such as Zbrush, T-splines, Clayoo, and Emboss to create the ultimate 3D sculpture. 3D sculpting is quite imaginative and exquisite, allowing you to view your piece from every angle. In addition to the jewelry, everything else in the sketch will be included during the jewelry 3D sculpting process, which will not only model your exact specifications but give life to your very creation.

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